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The Commonwealth of Learning (COL) asked me to answer a few questions to feed into a short discussion paper for their upcoming OER workshops in Cape Town and Windhoek on 26 April and 3 May respectively (See ).

 They are particularly interested in two key issues related to OER in Higher Education, namely quality assurance and sustainability.

So here are the questions and the answers I gave them.


SCORE (Support Centre for Open Resources in Education) is a national HEFCE-funded project which is supporting change in policy and practice in Open Educational Resources across higher education institutions. The three year project, which is based at the OU, builds on the successful OpenLearn initiative and aims to support change at a time when OER activity is starting to take off.

This blog is linked with the main website for SCORE but definitely has a life of its own. Authored primarily by Chris Pegler (Chris’ View) and  Andy Lane ( who supplies the World View). The blog is also open to others who wish to share their views of OER and will increasingly feature contributions from SCORE fellows.

We would welcome conversations with Subject Centres and their communities on how SCORE can support existing OER work in higher education and also how it can help develop new OER initiatives at national, institutional, discipline and/or individual level. We are particularly keen on supporting dissemination of OER and having conversations around creation, reuse and adaptation of OER drawing on both practice and research examples.



Main SCORE website

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