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I have just been to OER10 and it was clear from most of the papers about how everyone is trying to think hard about how OER influence practices. I wrote about this for Terra Incognita two years ago but as that site is now seemingly in hibernation and just in case you missed it here I go again with an updated version.

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Just coming to the end of OER10 [] and so much coming out of the discussion there that confirms what I have been thinking, extends that thinking, and gives me things to take away and mull over. I am really heartened by the shifting of emphasis towards considering how we can engage users – students and also educators. Some really interesting conversations in the Tuesday lunch session led by Helen Beetham. These brought together experiences from Tom Browne (OpenExeter) on exposing new academic staff to OER. New staff have a need for resources and are developing their teaching practice. A great opportunity to influence and guide impressions of oER, and support staff in having a very positive starting out in using these in practice. Peter Hartley (Bradford), Paul Batholomew (BCU) and I worked on a proposal to reach this group and influence OER use in 2009. It wasn’t funded, but we’ve remained convinced that it was a good idea and Tom has now tested this approach and reinvigorated our interest. [More …]

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