It’s 15th March 2010 and the Higher Education Shared Solutions programme is about to launch.  Those that can’t be  there can see it all on Stadium (either as webcast or as replay).  Shared Solutions is home to three projects – this is not only about SCORE, but about the OU working on a range of projects to benefit the sector.  Working with these projects over the past three months, has brought home to me how OER can influence and be influenced by higher education in a broad sense. How intra-institutional and cross-functional conversations about OER in higher education can be really illuminating.

In Shared Solutions I work alongside Back on Course Project Director Steve Clayton and Academic Partnerships Project Director Matthew Duncanson-Hunter. Two very different projects, but encouraging me to think of OER more widely.  For example students dropping out of university (the concern of Back on Course) might want to try out what learning is like in another discipline area, or sample the teaching in another institution, before stepping foot back into HE. Then there is the intriguing link that Matthew Duncanson-Hunter uncovered about the potential for OER in plugging the gaps in APEL . Something which brings me into contact with the PineAPPLe project, which I am looking forward to exploring this week. Just as it should be at the launch of a new programme – opportunities around every corner. Or is that just how OER is?  About making opportunities?